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Member Manager

Member Manager is an online solution for medium sized Associations, Clubs and Membership groups. Crucially it integrates a central Member and contact database with key features that allow members and other visitors to self serve. These include membership join and renew, events bookings, email broadcasting, website content management and more.

The Member Manager team are dedicated to helping organisations like yours:

  • Improving communications and your members experience of the organisation, at the same time as reducing spend using the internet
  • Find significant efficiencies and savings using the internet (for example by allowing Members to 'self serve online')
  • Maximising use of membership databases by integrating them with the websites and tools

You can learn more about online Membership Management online at or contact us on 03 9600 0246.

You can also download our 10 Essential Features of an Association Website article and other best practice papers from our website.