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The Membership Calculator

The Membership Calculator will help you calculate the following key metrics for your club or association:

  1. Number of renewing members
  2. Number of members lost
  3. Retention rate
  4. Loss rate
  5. Yearly Tenure
  6. Growth rate
  7. Lifetime income from each member
  8. Lifetime retention cost

What you need

You need to know number of members:

  • At the beginning of the period
  • At the end of the period
  • Who joined during the period

It is strongly advised that:

  • You use member segments
  • The selected period is one year

How it works

This calculator has been designed to enable you to make more informed membership marketing decisions. At any one time different segments of your members will be at different stages of the member recruitment and retention cycle.

You can maximise the effectiveness of every dollar you spend by identifying where each segment is on the cycle and tailoring your approach to each.

Who built the calculator

The calculator was constructed by the team at LCUBED who specialise in the development of amazingly useful online tools. Many associations struggle to distribute the large quantity of information and knowledge they possess we can help!